Earth Elements—Muskoka's Turf & Irrigation Specialists

Bringing over 15 years of experience with golf course and landscape irrigation, Earth Elements provides premium irrigation, landscape lighting and lawn services to Muskoka's residential and commercial properties. 

Earth Elements transforms landscapes, gardens and lawns into healthy & hydrated scenes of beauty throughout the season. Our customized plans ensure that each customer receives exactly what they need. The end result: flourishing properties that practically maintain themselves.


Our Mission

Sustainability is not just a solution- it needs to become a way of life.   Earth Elements is a strong advocate for practices that prioritize a healthy planet.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service, beginning with investing the time to create customized plans and designs for landscapes. Implementing the latest technology, premium quality parts and products.

We are more than just a turf & irrigation company—we foster lush green spaces through environmentally conscious and innovative solutions.  Earth Elements strives to create properties that customers can simply enjoy.


Meet the owner: Bill Kilpatrick

A nature enthusiast, Bill Kilpatrick knew that his career would be outdoors. His turf career began in the golf industry in Invermore, BC, and eventually lead him to a diploma in Turf Grass Management from Olds College, AB.

A certified “Turfie”, Bill applied his newfound knowledge on the golf course. Time and time again, he watched companies and individuals struggle with keeping their landscape alive. Bill saw the wasted water and the dying plants, and had an idea.

With several years of experience in turf grass management & irrigation under his belt Bill turned his love for turf and irrigation design into a thriving Muskoka business:  Earth Elements

Returning to his Ontario roots, Bill has proudly made Lake of Bays his home with his wife Melissa and children Abby and Charlie.

“Bill from Earth Elements saved my lawn! Within 4 days I had an irrigation system, new top soil and over 12,000 sq. ft. of lush green sod. It was great to work with Bill and I would recommend Earth Elements for those who admire a great lawn with an irrigation system!”
— D. Tebby