Why invest in a healthy landscape?

We need clean air to breath. What does clean air have to do with our lawns?  A lot.  In fact, healthy lawns capture greenhouse gases, dusts, and air pollutants.  But that’s not all:

Did you know? 
•    A healthy lawn means less garbage! Yes, you heard me, people are less likely to litter if your lawn is thriving and green.
•    A 50 by 50-foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe for a year
•    Green lawns keep our water clean! Their root mass and soil microbes acts as a filter to capture and breakdown many pollutants.
•    Selling your home? Healthy lawns not only increase your curb appeal but have a direct impact on your property value. 
•    Wanting to stay cool? Turf is a natural air conditioner. In fact, the turf on eight average home lawns is equivalent to 70 tons of air conditioning. This is enough to cool off 16 average homes.  
•    Do you love sports?  A healthy, uniform turf can decrease injury by providing traction, cushioning and reduce the physical impact when falls occur. 
Healthy thriving turf not only improves our overall health but also are emotional and social wellness. Green lawns are beautiful, but that’s not all, simply being outdoors increases our overall health and well being.  Isn’t it time to think green?