It's time for a spring check up!

A long snowy winter can not only impact the turf but the irrigation system underneath it.  Snow removal, freezing temperatures, and even rodents can cause damage to the piping, wiring and sprinkler heads.  Don’t worry!  Regular maintenance and upkeep can help prevent any minor problem from becoming a major one.

Your sprinkler system has remained dormant for the past few months leaving it prone to debris, damage and wear and tear. Turning on the system without a proper inspection may result in additional damage. This is why Earth Elements recommends that all parts- including valves, controller, sprinkler heads, and wiring, should be fully inspected, cleaned and repaired each spring. 

Here are some problems to watch out for:

Common Winter Troubles

Frozen Pipes

One of the most common winter problems occurs from water freezing within the pipes.  This frozen water can cause the pipes to crack and leak creating havoc for your irrigation system. Leaks, water pooling and low pressure can all be signs of a damaged or burst pipe.  Don’t wait until the system is turned on, to see if the pipes need repair.  Instead, book a spring start up for a full inspection and to advise of any needed repairs.

Sprinkler Heads

Winter not only takes its toll on the pipes in an irrigation system but also on the individual sprinkler heads. Debris can cause the heads to become clogged. While snow removal, ice, and aging parts can create cracks and other damage.   A detailed spring inspection should include the removal of all sprinkler heads. Once removed, the heads should be cleaned of debris and then inspected for any worn or damaged areas.  As part of Earth Elements spring start up, all sprinkler heads will be inspected to ensure that they are functioning at the optimal level.

Watch out for Moles

Rodents can damage both your lawn and its underground irrigation system. When these animals burrow underground, they can accidently damage, bend pipes or even move parts.  These instinctive chewers may also see the irrigation wiring as their next chew toy, resulting in areas without water and other electrical concerns.  A full spring inspection should review all wiring, piping, and valves to ensure that a system isn’t being run with any damaged parts.

A detailed spring inspection, will ensure that your irrigation system is off to the best start. Before turning your system on, make sure that the soil has fully thawed. If you turn the system on to early, it can damage the pipes. Choose a shady area, and dig to see if the soil is frost free for at least 12 inches.  If you’re uncertain if the ground is fully thawed, call Earth Elements and book a Spring Start Up.

When turning on the water, open the valve slowly, allowing the pipes to be gradually filled with water.  Take your time, as an accidental pressure surge can result in damaged valves and even burst pipes.

Starting your system off right takes time, which is why Earth Element’s offers a Spring Start Up Package.   When customers book this system, they can be confident that their irrigation system will run smoothly and efficiently. For the best protection, we offer Earth Element’s Full Season Maintenance package.  These monthly check-ins will help prevent any minor problem from becoming a major one, saving time, money, and water.