Why the Green Industry is your Best Resource for Landscape Lighting?

Lighting can transform your entire landscape. When we design our lighting plans, we are not just looking for areas to increase visibility, but how light and colour can be used to showcase the creativity and design of our customers’ landscapes.

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics- most outdoor lighting is low voltage. This includes the transformer which plugs into a 110v plug, and the wiring (10/2 or 12/2 CSA approved wire) out to the LED light fixtures (12v). The advantage for the property owner is that when it comes to outdoor lighting installation, there is no need to add in the additional cost of an electrician. Instead, they can choose a landscape technician that has specialized in outdoor techniques. These individuals have both the design and lighting expertise to transform your space into a beautiful one.

The Irrigation and Lighting Connection

No two properties are alike, so why should you use the same lighting design as your neighbour? We pride ourselves in offering our customers a customized approach that spotlights the beauty and diversity of each of their properties.

As irrigation specialists, we understand the unique aspects of the landscape, including slopes, shading and key areas that would benefit from lighting. When it comes to lighting, we firmly believe that outdoor lighting can and should be used to do much more than highlight a walking path. For example Spotlights, varied hues and even the intensity of the lighting itself (up or down lighting) can provide depth, dimension and highlight favourite features on a property.

During the initial install conversation, Earth Elements invests the time to understand the vision for your property. It is through this dialogue that we will determine the solution that will best respond to both the practical and aesthetics need of your landscape. Our training as FX Luminaire specialists equips our team with a variety of techniques and design strategies that can be used to showcase the beauty in every space.

One stop shop

Irrigation and lighting services are naturally complementary. By engaging one company to do both services-it becomes a seamless process, eliminating needless repetition of information and balancing the needs of two diverse contractors. For example, lighting wires and irrigation lines can be installed in the same trenches. But the benefits don’t stop there; Hunter is one of our key suppliers for both our irrigation and lighting products; we can secure a wide range of products at a great price.

One company to warranty/service both systems

The maintenance and service schedules for outdoor lighting coincides with the schedule for irrigation. This makes it easy for spring start-ups, summer maintenance checks, and winter closures. From a service standpoint, having one company manage both products simplifies the entire process. At Earth Elements, we maintain and repair both products, truly delivering a one stop shop to all our clients. While, our 5-year service warranty for both our lighting and irrigation products, provides our clients with one of the best warranties in the area and additional peace of mind.

These are just a few of the key reasons why the green industry is truly the best resource for outdoor lighting. As specialized experts, we understand how to beautifully integrate lighting to enhance your landscape and create a space that can be used both day and night.