Irrigation Services

Irrigation System Fertigation: Services

Keep your turf green and healthy by adding organic liquid fertilizer automatically every time the irrigation system waters the landscape.  These systems inject small quantities of fertilizer into the water. 

This will give landscapes the nutrient advantage they need, providing a consistent healthy boost of nutrients.  The injector systems can be used with any sprinkler system end distribution, such as, sprinkler spray heads, rotors, drip and micro irrigation.

Rain Water Harvesting: Beautiful Gardens without the Water

Save money and the environment with rain water harvesting. Rain water harvesting tanks collect and hold storm water, diverting the water from treatment facilities. The end result lower water bills and cleaner lakes! Tanks can either be installed in or above ground, and have a range of holding capacities from 776L - 10695L.  

Do you have a tank in place? Consider Irrigation.

Automated sprinkler systems running from harvesting tanks are built with the latest in irrigation technology to efficiently use the available water.  These systems have their own dedicated centrifugal pump installed to pump water through the system. 

Drip irrigation systems or micro-irrigation are ideal to run from water barrels creating an eco friendly system that is perfect for watering self sufficient edible gardens.

Irrigation Audits Services

Earth Elements conducts irrigation audits to both new and older irrigation systems.  These audits help ensure that the system is running efficiently. In fact, an irrigation audit can uncover any issues and small problems lending towards huge savings. 

Repairing an irrigation system as soon as a concern is noticed will reduce fertilizer run off, nutrient leaching and even reduce the watering time while keeping your landscape uniform and green.

Depending on the system size, an irrigation audit could potentially save up to 45%.

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Landscape, Golf Course & Sports Field Drainage Services

Drainage is just as important as proper irrigation.  Earth Elements installs, repairs and maintains drainage systems throughout Muskoka. 

Pumps & Ponds Services

Earth Elements offer full pond services, including pump replacement and repair.  Ponds can be hard to keep clean and algae free! Options could include bacteria balls, pond dye, pond aerators and fountain. The focus: Ensuring your pond looks its best.  

Contact Earth Elements if:

  • Any irrigation heads break or malfunction
  • You notice or suspect any irrigation leaks
  • Landscaping is done and additional irrigation zones are needed or repairs need to be made.
  • Plant, shrub or tree growth is inhibiting water coverage
  • An irrigation audit is needed (for older systems)
  • Repairs to landscape lighting or retro-fits