Landscape Lighting

Earth Elements offers professional landscape lighting design, installation and maintenance.  Offering full lines of lighting fixtures, LED’s and transformers from F/X Luminaire, Alliance, Cast, Focus, WAC and Brilliance.

Our commitment to protecting the earth, is our guarantee that the lighting will be installed with minimal disruption while ensuring that the beauty of your property is enhanced.   We look at the needs of the entire landscape, choosing methods that will reduce the overall impact of light pollution, but enhance the natural surroundings.

Custom Design

When creating a lighting plan, we consider three primary factors- night time safety, overall appearance and how lighting can extend the use of key areas into the evening.

Our custom-tailored approach ensures that the lighting recommendations will respond to your specific goals and values- including safety, aesthetics, technology, and sustainable options.  Whether you are looking for a few lights to beautifully showcase a water feature or an entire property plan, Earth Elements, has the tools, customer service and expertise to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.  

Safety and Security

On a more practical note, lighting will keep your guests safe and secure.  Our thorough evaluation, focused on safety and guest experience, will provide that delicate balance between beauty and function.   This may include pathway lighting, a list of potential risk areas (i.e. water features or a shift in terrain), and a combination of lighting features so that light can be seen at every level.

Technology Takes Lighting to the Next Level

Inefficient lighting can result in poor visibility, wasted energy and light pollution. LED technology will increase overall efficiency while reducing energy consumption, while Earth Elements dark sky lighting techniques will reduce the disruption to the environment.  Today’s LED lighting are available in a full spectrum of colours allowing you to customize your properties lighting experience.

There is no question that technology continues to help streamline and ease the overall user experience. The new Luxor ZD/ZDC from F/X Luminaire is a perfect example of this.  With this landscape lighting transformer, we can control and adjust zones, led light output and colour, creating an beautiful night time ambience for any occasion.


Earth Elements provides a five-year workmanship warranty on new installations. Warranties on individual fixtures, transformers and LED’s may vary.

Please, contact Earth Elements to learn more about our Landscape Lighting installation options.