Edible Gardens

There is nothing more satisfying than eating fruit and vegetables grown in your backyard. For those that want to experience the love of truly eating local, Earth Elements creates deer resistant, fully irrigated edible raised gardens for Muskoka homes & cottages. 

Build your own garden choosing from your favourite zone 4 fruit, vegetables, heirloom vegetables and herbs. 

Beds can be made from a variety of a materials including:

·      Galvanized stock basins

·      Cedar

·      Stone

Don’t have the space to allocate for a vegetable garden? Why not add edible plants to your existing garden bed for harvest throughout the summer and fall.

To keep the gardens hydrated Earth Elements installs drip or micro irrigation ensuring that the fruit and vegetables get the water that they need.

Earth Elements will save your back from unnecessary aches and pains and leave you more free time to relax and enjoy the beauty of your property!