Pondless Water Features

You don’t need a large area to have a water feature.  In fact, water falls, one of the more peaceful features available, require minimal space.

Pondless Water Features Are Perfect for:

·      Small spaces

·      Individuals who do not want the commitment of a pond

·      Seamlessly integrate water, streams, waterfalls, fountains, within an existing landscape

 Earth Elements uses in ground water reservoirs to hide both the pump and water source in order to create pondless waterfalls, fountainscapes and other decorative water features such as; container water gardens, bubbling urns, tabletop fountains, and spitters.

A pondless water feature beautifully enhances homes, offices, golf courses, wedding venues and even cottages.  Let Earth Elements find the ideal water feature for you!

We use Aquascape products and supplies.