Vegetable Garden Installation Services & Packages

Become reacquainted with real food. Pesticides don’t only impact our environment; they also have a major impact on our bodies. 

Style 1 - The Farm

12'x16' Farm fenced area w/ gate

80sqft of bed space

2 4'x10' rectangular beds w/ 8' cedar sides within fenced area. 

Starts @ $4,500 installed, fully expandable. 


Style 2 - Raised Cedar Enclosed

8'x12' w/ 4' walls. Fenced to 8' for animal protection. 

60sqft of bed space, fence doubles as trellis for tall growth, beans, zucchini, squash etc.

Gate with walk in area 2'x6' space. 

Starting @ $3,800 installed. 


Style 3 - Galvanized Stock Tanks

12'x8' farm fenced area w/ gate

2 170gal stock tanks

14sqft of bed space.