Water features are the perfect complement to a thriving landscape enhancing the overall atmosphere with the sound and sight of flowing water.  Create your personal or professional oasis.  

Ecosystem Ponds 

Truly connect with nature with an investment in an ecosystem pond. These ponds provide shelter, nourishment and safety to the wildlife around it, creating a space that encourages biodiversity.  Nearly 70% of the wetlands in Ontario have disappeared as a direct result of either draining land for agriculture or development. Installing an ecosystem pond into your landscape, is not only a peaceful get away but gives back to the earth.

Earth Elements expertise ensures that you not only have the pond that you dreamed of, but that it functions efficiently. 

We can help you:

·      Determine the best location

·      Design the layout

·      Determine the best materials to produce the ecosystem that you desire

·      Install the system, ensuring that all components are functioning efficiently

·      Provide spring and fall clean up

·      Walk you through the maintenance

·      Provide support: whether it’s determining a new plant to add or questions about maintenance

Proper installation is key: if just one of the pieces is missing, you will have an unbalanced eco system that may be challenging to maintain.  Let Earth Elements help reconnect you to biodiversity: Create your own ecosystem pond today.