With the hot dry summers in Muskoka, many people end up with beige, dormant or dead lawns.  As the cooler evening temperatures of fall approach, grasses start their second growth cycle and lawns start to green up.  However; some of these don’t grow back. In these bare patches,   crabgrass and weeds may step in.

Crabgrass is a summer annual that germinates in spring and summer, and dies in the fall with the first frost. This weed thrives in poor, dry soil conditions which are prevalent in Muskoka. 

Crabgrass reproduces from seed already existing in the soil.  Lawns previously infested with crabgrass may have large banks of viable seeds in the soil for several years.  

Proactive Solution: Planting the right types of grass seed with the proper amount of fertilization at the right time of season are the most important factors in minimizing weed infestation.  Late August to Late October is the best time to aerate and over seed for prevention of crabgrass and weeds from taking over a new lawn.