Top Tips to Keep your Sod Thriving

Want that the instant gratification of an immediate lawn? Then sod may be for you, however turf in a roll doesn’t come without maintenance. The goal for sod is ensuring that the sod roots into the soil base underneath. These tips will ensure that your sod is there for the long run!

Give it a good base.

10 to 15 cm of quality top soil is ideal. This rootzone material is the foundation for healthy sod, providing a nutrient rich material that retains moisture.

Water the sod regularly.  

Inconsistent watering can create turf that is stressed, weak and weed prone. Not enough water can create dry patches and stressed turf. Conversely, too much water can weaken the root system and create turf that is prone to disease.  

The key is to provide sod the ideal amount of water so that the roots will become well established in the turf below. The exact amount the sod will be watered will depend on a variety of factors including the weather, the soil and lighting (full sun will require more frequent watering than turf grown in shade).

During the first two weeks, the roots may not be established yet.  To avoid the sod from drying out, it should be watered two to three times per day. Once the roots are established, watering can decrease to daily. The earlier in the morning, the better.

 Give it some Food

Strengthen both the roots and the turf by putting your sod on a routine feeding schedule. The first fertilizer application should be shortly after the sod was laid. The focus of this first fertilizer application is to help establish the roots, which is why it is typically higher in phosphorus.  Once established, the fertilizer program will shift according to the season. High in nitrogen in the summer and spring, while the fall fertilizer is geared towards helping the turf get ready for the long winter ahead.

Taking care of newly laid sod is time consuming.  However; failing to do so could result in turf that is not up to par. Earth Elements is available to support along the way. Whether you are looking to install an irrigation system to assist with regular watering or are interested in the expertise of a fertilizer plan applied by a team of professionals.