How mowing can maintain a healthy lawn.

Despite their tidy appearance, a short lawn is an unhealthy one. 

Here’s why:

The shorter a lawn is the shallower the root system.  It is the root system that is the key to a disease free, healthy lawn. This is why Earth Elements recommends frequent trims that keep the length of the lawn in tact.  But we don’t stop there, our equipment is meticulously maintained to give each grass blade a precise, clean cut.   And when we mow the lawn, we leave the grass clippings in place!

Why we leave the grass clippings?

Grass clippings are nature’s fertilizer. Over 80% water, the trimmed grass will decompose quickly providing nitrogen, potassium and other key nutrients directly back into the soil. But that’s not all, earthworms will wield their way through the clippings providing a natural aeration. The end result: a healthier lawn. Leaving these nutrient dense clippings on the turf also keeps the environment top of mind!

It is only necessary to remove grass clippings when they are long enough to smother the lawn.