Ecosystem Ponds

Ecosystem Ponds: Give Back to the Earth

More than just a body of a water, adding an eco system pond will not only enhance your property but the environment.  Ontario wetlands are at risk, with up to 70% either degraded or destroyed. When you choose to add an ecosystem pond onto your golf course or property, you create both a mini oasis and an alternative habitat for wildlife is at risk.


  • Creates a habitat for waterfowl, amphibians, fish and aquatic plants

  • Minimal maintenance

  • 100% sustainable

  • Collects rain water reducing stress in residential water system

  • Range of sizes and shapes, easily adapted for almost any region

How does it work?

An ecosystem pond replicates the components that would exist in a natural environment.  These ponds include a balance of aeration, filtration, plants, fish, rock and gravel. Just like a puzzle, the pieces seamlessly work together to create a thriving ecosystem, keeping the pond naturally balanced and minimizing maintenance.