NPK: The right mineral at the right time.

Each mineral has a specific role:

Nitrogen (N) is the most essential nutrient for lawns. This vitamin is probably best known for providing the lush green colour in lawns and foliage and is also responsible for shoot density.  However; too much nitrogen can result in lawns that are burnt and at risk for disease.   

Phosphorus (P) helps with root growth and is needed in small amounts for regular maintenance. This mineral is key for newly seeded or sodded lawns ensuring that the new growth has a good start. 

Potassium (K) is important for Muskoka lawns in particular. This mineral helps build up overall tolerance, building resistance to drought, heat, cold and wear stresses.

Fertilizer will provide turf that extra boost leading to a healthy lawn. However; improper fertilizer application can cause more harm than good leading to fertilizer burn, disease and death. 

Earth Elements applies the right kind of fertilizer in the right amounts, at the right time to replace essential nutrients needed for a healthy green lawn.