Taking your lawn to the next level.

Building a healthy lawn begins with the soil. Lawns need more than nitrogen, phosphorus and potash to grow. Unfortunately; it is rare that a property has the perfect soil for lawn.  Pine needles and pets can add unwanted acid to the soil increasing it’s ph level. While sandy soil, common in the Muskoka region, allows moisture to slip away.

Lime is used to make soil less acidic while materials such as peat, diatomaceous earth and organic compost will make existing soil hold more water. These products are the perfect enhancements for Muskoka's sand and silt based soils.

Enhancing your Soil

Gypsum:  can be added to release existing soil nutrients and improve soil structure.

Dolomitic Lime Applications -Supplies calcium & magnesium to the root zone and lowers soil pH.

Reclaim Organics Applications - Top dressing material, adds essential microbes and moisture holding capacity to sandy Muskoka soils.  Highly recommended with Earth Elements lawn aeration and over-seeding program.

Beautiful turf begins with a good foundation. Start your lawn off right by enriching your soil!