The right seed combination.

Earth Elements uses a variety of seed types on lawns in Muskoka including perennial ryegrass, chewings fescue, tall fescue, red fescue and Kentucky blue grass.  We blend these seed types to build a dense, healthy turf. 

Each seed type has their own unique benefit; which is why blending the seeds provides that vital combination of resilient, fast growing, beautiful turf.   

Fescues: Added to increase drought and heat tolerance in lawns. This resilient seed requires less nutrients than other grass and is able to thrive in almost every environment!

Rye Grass:

For fast growth, we add in rye grass. This quick growing seed can grow in less than a week, out competing weeds and giving the soil surface stability from erosion.

Beautiful Bluegrass

Named for the blueish green tinge it gives to the lawn, this seed variety is frequently sought out for it’s professional golf course appearance. However; Kentucky bluegrass has its flaws. In order to keep the thick, lush appearance, this grass type requires consistent nutritional boosts of fertilizer.   In addition, the seed is slow to germinate making it prone to weeds. 

Each seed variety has its flaws and benefits. At Earth Elements, we know our seeds and the perfect blend that will ensure that your landscape thrives year after year.  It is about finding that balance, providing a turf that is both lush and resilient.