What is thatch?

Thatch is the dense, spongy collection of living and dead grass stems and roots that grows between the soil surface in lawns. As grass grows, the older plant matter from the stolons, rhizomes and blades is sometimes slow to decompose. This older plant matter accumulates at the soil surface forming a thatch layer in lawns. 

Some Thatch is Good:

In fact, the right amount of thatch (12mm) provides a soft surface for bare feet and makes the lawn more resilient.  This thatch also helps in retaining soil moisture and stabilizing the soil temperatures.  However; a lawn with too much thatch will inhibit water and nutrients from penetrating the soil below. Consequently, the results will be a weak and disease prone lawn.

De-thatching removes the old dead leaf blades, thinning the lawn, cutting the stolons and rhizomes of the grass to encourage new growth. 

It is a fine balance: Earth Elements expertise will help ensure that your lawn has the exact amount of thatch that it needs.